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Our skipper with more than 8 years of sailing experience in the Tuamotu manages the boat, sails and maintenance for the duration of the cruise. 


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We offer a complete dive club that can be installed on board different boats. Our dive instructor has over 8 years of experience on cruise ships in French Polynesia.


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We work with a network of boats based in French Polynesia and can assist in chartering a vessel suited to your needs. 



Our videographer is a drone pilot and diver and has been exploring Polynesia for almost 8 years creating videos, photos, websites and marketing communication campaigns in French Polynesia. 


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We work with different catamarans throughout the year to offer you the ideal cruise through the Tuamotu! Depending on your desires and your budget, we can offer different types of formulas:  

The "Makatea Express" cruise

The "Tuamotu Explorer" cruise

The Diving Cruise



A formula for adventures from 4 to 7 days, to discover the magnificent island of Makatea with a departure from Rangiroa. Please note, we do not depart from Tahiti. The navigations are done at night and are short and comfortable. The skipper manages the boat while you sleep and you wake up at your destination!

Option 1

Departure is from Rangiroa. We stop in Tikehau on the way to enjoy a dive or two. Snorkeling with the manta rays and discovery of the atoll before returning to the sea at night to continue our journey to Makatea.

Option 2

We go directly to Makatea and maximize the number of days there. Makatea is a mysterious island and very different from the Tuamotu atolls! Take advantage of a night navigation to wake up in a new setting and spend a few days to visit this island accessible only by boat! Possibility of climbing, visiting freshwater caves, old phosphate mines and whale watching (whales only from August - November).

Optional diving, equipment and compressors available on board depending on the catamaran used.

Croisière Perle du Pacifique


A fully customizable formula, as a couple, with family or friends, ideal for a period of 7 to 14 days.


Visiting the Tuamotus is an adventure not to be missed in your life! This archipelago consists of many atolls and few of them welcome  regular tourists.

We invite you to discover the less visited atolls of the Tuamotus, departing from Rangiroa. You can combine a cruise with a stay on land in our pension on Rangiroa.

We create tailor-made itineraries according to your desires, the duration of the cruise and your preferences. Islands we can visit include: 

Tikehau: perfect for divers, a small atoll which has a lot of charm and allows visits on land and encounters with manta rays.

Apataki: an atoll full of surprises, perfect for diving with two passes full of sharks that have nothing to envy to the big names in diving in the Tuamotu. Apataki is home to a very flowery village that can be visited by foot. 

Toau: Out of this world diving and snorkelling opportunities as well as a great visit on land, to meet Gaston and Valentine, among the only inhabitants of Toau, who welcome you for a Polynesian meal not to be missed!

Aratika: a little-known atoll that is worth the detour! Visit of the motu of the abandoned village. One day, the inhabitants almost all left their homes to settle in another part of the atoll... why? You can now visit the abandoned village. With its two passes, one being  sort of "comma-shaped", Aratika is full of sharks and hidden secrets! 

Tahanea: remote atoll sheltering three passes, so many possibilities of exploration for divers and lovers of the ocean! No village here, only a few fishermen huts are spread over a few motu. A real adventure in a wild Tuamotu atoll. 

Faaite: a pass full of fishes, with many fish parks! Faaite is an atoll of fishermen... and surfers! Charming village that can be explored on foot and whose inhabitants are very welcoming. 

There are still many islands that we can consider for this discovery cruise: Kauehi, Kaukura, Makatea, Ahe, Manihi...

Croisière Découverte


A Formula designed for a small group of divers wishing to make one to three dives per day. The trips are tailor-made, as for our Tuamotu Explorer formula. We set off to discover the different passes of the Tuamotu, true "lungs" of the lagoon, where fish and predators are concentrated!

This cruise will allow you to discover the mythical underwater sites of French Polynesia but also to explore preserved sites, accessible only by boat! We offer you to dive with a selection of diving clubs on the atolls  that have one, and we take you to discover sites inaccessible to clubs from our diving cruise catamaran. 

Take advantage of being the only divers present on the site! 


In order to fully enjoy the diving cruise, we take a maximum of 4 divers (2 to 3 dives per person).

It is possible to take more divers on the cruise, but in this case all participants must share the number of dives organized per day, going by groups of 4 maximum. 

This limit is needed for us to guarantee  comfort on board, with all the diving equipment, and so that everyone can fit in the dinghy that brings the divers to the site. 

Croisière plongée


French Polynesia is home to many of the best dive sites in the world!

You  want  dive with  dolphins? Several species of sharks, including tiger sharks or hammerhead sharks? You want to dive among huge groups of fish on preserved reefs in the middle of the Pacific Ocean?

Here, all this is possible!  

In French Polynesia, it is not uncommon to come across several species of large sharks as well as large  marine mammals ,

like dolphins and whales.  

There are 118 islands in French Polynesia and only a few of them have diving centers. The diving activity is essentially gathered on the same islands, such as Rangiroa, Fakarava, Bora Bora, Moorea or Tahiti.  

Thanks to a diving cruise, you can venture to uncrowded sites and far from mass tourism. The stay for a small group also makes it possible to adapt the diving profiles according to the wishes of our divers. We'll be able to  go  looking for the species you want to observe! 


Plonger en Polynésie


Marc is a skipper, sailing and diving instructor.  

He holds a French sailing and diving certificate and is also a PADI dive instructor. He will guide you to discover the islands he  explores  since his arrival in French Polynesia in 2016.

He is assisted by various local guides, from Rangiroa or neighboring islands, during his cruises.  


Lety-Siâhis a video producer, drone pilot, yoga instructor, underwater videographer and marketing specialist.


She manages cruise reservations and will be happy to advise you on a tailor made itinerary between the Tuamotu atolls, depending on your time and preferences.

Anne is originally from Rangiroa and she is a cruise guide. She prepares food for people who want it. 


Felicien is the owner of the Wanderlust catamaran, with whom we collaborate mainly for our cruises in the Tuamotus. 

Le Catamaran


Volume Océan uses different catamarans throughout the year to operate its cruises. We can organize the rental of a catamaran directly with the ship that corresponds to your project, create the itinerary and provide you with the equipment and staff necessary to carry out your tailor-made cruise.


Thanks for submitting!

Contact us to organize a diving cruise or a catamaran expedition. We are based in Rangiroa and usually operate cruises from Rangiroa. 

We are open to other proposals for different islands and archipelagos on request!

Do not hesitate to submit your project to us and we will be happy to offer a solution! 

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